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Hi there, this is a second thread I created, as the previous one got removed due to a database glitch (I don’t know if there were any responses there).

I recently moved to Germany, and am currently looking for a portable digital piano for my new apartment. I don't have enough room (or money) for a regular acoustic piano, though I'd definitely prefer acoustic over digital.

I started my research trying to find the best portable DPs in around 1000-1500 EUR price range. After several hours of reading forums, reviews, and watching YouTube videos, I ended up with 3 main contenders on my list. Those are Kawai ES8, Roland FP-90, and Yamaha P-515.

A site I found https://www.pianodreamers.com/best-digit...nder-2000/ where the guy talks about all three in detail and ultimately seem to recommend the ES8 the most. Judging by online demos, the Kawai does sound pretty good, though I'm yet to try it in a store (I'm not sure I will be able to try all 3 in the same store, which may make it difficult to compare).

I'm wondering how does the ES8 compares to the keyboard from Roland and Yamaha in terms of touch? Touch is what I'm most worried since I come from a classical background and want it to feel as close as possible to an acoustic.

I heard people saying that the Yamahas have a heavier action, while the Kawai is too bouncy. Is this something you noticed as well?

Do you guys have any instruments suggestions that you think I should consider apart from the ones I mentioned?

P.S. Also does Kawai have any official dealers in Germany with Kawai's official warranty and stuff? I’m located in Frankfurt.

Would appreciate any help!
Dear Michael,

I think you should go visit dealers and compare your favourites by yourself.
Most dealers may have all your candidates on the show floor.

You can find Kawai dealers here:

Good luck!
Thanks Michael, I'm definitely going to do that. Just wanted to hear opinions of those who maybe played all three of these instruments and ended up with one (and why?). Any particular things I should pay a closer attention to when in a store?  Should I also bring my headphones with me?
Yes, bring your own headphones, since often shop use just cheap ones to avoid that they get stolen.
A digital piano should always be played with proper headphones.
Good luck.