Normale Version: CA59 recorded files creation/modification time
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Dear all,

Please excuse me for writing in English. I'm not good at writing auf Deutsch but luckily I can read it perfectly (so any replies can be in German Wink ).

Question : When I record a piece on USB stick, then put the USB stick in my Windows 10 PC, the timestamps of all files (Creation, Modification and Access time) are *always* set to ‎Monday, ‎December ‎1, ‎2003, ‏‎12:00:00 AM. This can be a bit confusing and makes it hard so see what the newest file is. I looked for setting the date and time on CA59 but there does not seem to be such a function, it looks as if the instrument does not have a clock.

Any ideas ?
Danke schön !
Chris Breemer
Dear Chris,

the Kawai DPs do not have an internal clock, so the date and time cannot be set.