Normale Version: Bought a new MP7SE - Metronome not working - bad service from Kawai
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I bought a new MP7SE on the 5th of March 2022 and the Metronome/drum section is not working since I unpacked the piano. I informed the store in The Netherlands were I bought it and also have been in contact with the Kawai Service center in Germany but so far I am still waiting for a final response from Kawai / the store and till now nothing happened...
Does anyone have the same experience?
Dear sir,

it is very unusual that the metronome doesn't work.
Please check the following:

When pressing the METRONOME button, does the button light up and does the display show the Metromene screen?
If yes, good. Just press the F3 button [LISTEN] to start/stop the metronome. Problem solved.

If the MTRONOME button doesn't light up, maybe the button cap is out of angle and is blocked that way.
You can try to move it a bit around so it can free itself. If that doesn't help, a service is needed.