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sorry for writing in english, meine deutsch ist leider nicht so gut.
I'm trying to reach kawai.de trough the contact form on the site, send emails but still haven't received any replies. I contacted them by phone for a warranty because I recently bought a ES100 and 3 months after that my dealer went broke. I was told to email them at rickett@kawai.de or holloh@kawai.de. But ricket bounced and I never received a reply from holloh. I even contacted someone from kawai who has posted on this forum.
Can someone advice me who to contact, I'm desperate right now how to fix this.
When I had a problem I was calling to 02151 373109 (located in Krefeld NRW=North-West of Germany near Netherlands). I just called there last Friday. I'm not sure how good they are in English.
Since last week was carnival season many people take vacation during this period... maybe this could be a reason. How long it is ago since you wrote them?
Hello kanniet!

In case, that you are from a foreign country, you have to dial the number +49/2151 373109. You also can write an PN here to Mr. Michael Kunz. Normally he will answer a short time after receiving the PN. There is also another Maidadress you can try: service.elektronik@kawai.de
I hope you will have success soon.