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Sorry that this is in English!!

I have just got my es110 yesterday but I cant connect it to my ipad3. It had the most up to date OS its iOS 9.3.5.
When I turn bluetooth on it cant find the es110. I know the es is working because my andriod phone can find and pair with it. The Kawai apps can not find it either. Tried with a friends ipad and the same result.

Does any one know what i can do to connect them?


please rwad this website first:
(28.08.2017, 08:36 )Michael kunz schrieb: [ -> ]Hi,

please rwad this website first:

Hi Thanks for that yes i have tried everthing !! My android phone connects to it.

When are Kawai bringing out the apps for android ?? There were promised ages ago.

Looking at line It could be a problem with Apple iOS 9.3.5. There are a lot of people who have Bluetooth connections problems. Unfortunately I can not downgrade !!

Apart from that I'm really loving the piano !! Smile


on iOS the BT connection will not show up in the normal BT settings.
It is a BT MIDI connection that has to be established in the app itself.
F.ex. GarageBand
Please read this:
hi yes tired that . In the kawai app it never finds it even after leaving it for about 30 mins. As I said its apple not the piano problem.

One example of many


Are there any sign of an Android app? Since a lot of users dont have apple.
unfortunately Android is very weak in case of BT MIDI support.
That is a problem of Google and the main reason why there are not so many MIDI applications existing for Android.
The BT MIDI API often is not included in the OS depending on the makers custom Android version.
Usually only Google devices have the full API implementation.
Other makers like Samsung, HTC, etc. don't care so much.
Sorry for this negative comment, but that's reality.