Normale Version: mp7se lag in overdubbed audio files
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When recording audio I noticed a small lag of a few ms in every subsequent overdubbed .wav file. If you're own the mp7se, can you kindly test this it out on your instrument?

1-download the following wav file and put it on a usbkey https://we.tl/t-hWjhyzUpuq
2-load the file rockKit-000.wav
3-select overdub and make sure volume is 100 and gain 0
4-record something over
5-save as rockKit-001.wav
7-load rockKit-001.wav
8-select overdub and make sure volume is 100 and gain 0
9-record something over
10-save as rockKit-002.wav
11-send me rockKit-001.wav and rockKit-002.wav (wetransfer.com is great for this, my email is luca [dot] za [at] gmail [dot] com )

You can compare the wav files in audacity if you wish to do so too.
Please let me know any many thanks for testing this out :-)