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Kawai K1 rII - moons - 04.12.2022

I have a Kawai K1 rII instrument. Unfortunately, it's broken. Makes very strange noises, does not hold tuning. I found a very similar problem on the internet. the Kawai KTG-001 processor is broken. Are these parts still available?
Pozdr. Mirek

RE: Kawai K1 rII - michaelkunz - 05.12.2022

Dear Mirek,

sorry, but there are no more spare parts available for the K1 series products after more than 25 years.

RE: Kawai K1 rII - Chris - 30.12.2022

If the tuning changes strangely, it could also be the xtal circuit that generates the main clock signal. I'd try to change that, too.

RE: Kawai K1 rII - moons - 22.04.2023

sorry for not answering for so long. I noticed that kawai only plays well on sounds that don't use PCM waveforms. If using PCM, the sound from the middle of the keyboard is detuned