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[ES100] Recording music to PC - lemon - 22.10.2015


I have a ES100 for few months and I would love to find out how to record my music directly to a PC. I presume there is some way to connect it through midi-USB wire, but I don't know how to save the sound quality that I hear on my piano. I don't want to use the piano as a midi controller, neither some cheap VSTs.

Do you have any suggestions how to solve the problem?


RE: [ES100] Recording music to PC - michaelkunz - 23.10.2015

Dear lemon,

to record the original sound of the ES100, you need to do a Audio recording and no MIDI recording.
Simply connect the ES100 headphones output to your PCs audio input and record it using your audio recording software (f.ex. Audacity).

RE: [ES100] Recording music to PC - lemon - 23.10.2015

Thank you very much! I'm going to buy proper wire right now and check you solution.

RE: [ES100] Recording music to PC - lemon - 23.10.2015

Works perfectly. Thank you once again! Smile