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Electric Shock - Jan Maessen - 02.03.2016

Since 8 months I have a CN35 digital piano, which I like very much.
I only have a problem with the Auto-Power-Off function.
I always get an electric shock when I touch the Power Switch after the instrument is auto-powered-off.
Is this an incidental problem or does it also occur on other CN35's?
What can be done about it?

RE: Electric Shock - michaelkunz - 02.03.2016

Dear Mr. Maessen,
the power switch has a plastic surface.
This means you should not get an electric shock.
But maybe some kind of static charge happens.
Do you have a new carpet?
In any case you should contact our service department.
Please email to:

RE: Electric Shock - Jan Maessen - 27.04.2016

You are right, it is indeed electric charge that is causing the problem.
There is nothing wrong with my beautiful instrument.