MP7 as controller for VI LABS RAVENSCROFT virtual pianosoftware

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Guten Abend!

You all know an awfull lot about the KAWAI MP7 Perhaps you would like to help me in my quest to make it work with the RAVENSCROFT virtual piano software.

This is the situation: I am a proud owner of a KAWAI MP7. I worked through the user manual to find out what I should do to make my RAVENSCROFT virtual piano produce sound when I touch the MP7 keys using the MP7 as midi controller.

When I put the MP7 on EXT and "sub2" unfortunately, nothing happens. I can't solve this. I guess my MP7 settings must be incorrect???

My configuration:
- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i7 processor 8 mb int memory(laptop)
- VILABS RAVENSCROFT virtual piano software installed on laptop
- Yamaha asio driver installed on my laptop
- UVI Workstation installed on my laptop
- UVI Workstation sees MP7, Yamaha asio driver and RAVENCROFT banks
- USB to midi cable connceting MP7 and laptop
- Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface, (USB to midi) connected to my laptop and external amplifier (L/R sound cables)
- 2 external speakers connected to my external amplifier
- I put my MP7 on EXT and "sub2", but I don't really understand this part. Should I install a KAWAI driver or firmware update?

Jan 2nd 2017 I found out that I had to buy a (Steinberg UR22mkII) audio interface, and did that yesterday.

Solved: the VI LABS RAVENSCROFT pianosoftware produces sound when I touch the virtual keys on my laptop (with touchscreen).

To be solved: the KAWAI MP7 does not control the software yet!
Not with a USB to midi cable, nor with the midi out cable, both correctly plugged into my laptop (USB to midi) and audio interface(data cable). So the only thing I can figure out is that I have to execute additional action in my MP7 settings.

The big question to me is: what action?

After starting up the MP7 I select EXT and choose "sub2". But unfortunately, "it ain't enough".
Could you tell me what to do? "Step by step" please because I am kinda lost in the MP7 desert. The MP7 manual uses expressions in it's explanation that I don't understand.

Recht vielen Dank!

Wenn Sie wollen könnten Sie auch auf Deutsch antworten. Das werde ich schon kapieren. Leider ist mein Deutsch nicht ausreichend um meine Frage auf Deutsch zu schreiben.



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