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is anybody outhere interested in fixing the data structure of kaa-files? i have already checked out :
-the position of the ka1-units within the kaa-file
-the automaticly filled in-data at the end of the kaa-file (to get always the same file size of kaa

my problem: the midi implementation describes the 19 sub-bytes for the tone-data,
unfortunately there is then a gap behind this field (visible in the hex-editor), which is filled with undifined / undescribed data up to the beginning of the first ka1 included.

i also found out, how the size of the ka1-file (depends of number of voices in it) is calculated, so that the field betwenn the sub-bytes 1-19 and the first ka1 is the only problem now.

my goal is to create eventually a small tool for combining more ka1-files into 1 kaa-file.

if anyone knows more or has better infos, let me know. thanx. stan

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