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KDP 110
Apologies for the English, I know a little german so if you need to reply in german I can cope.

I have only in the last 3 months been learning the piano again after a 40 year break. My site reading has been surprisingly good but my fingers are clumsy.

I recently purchased a KDP 110 after having been using a Yamaha P45 for learning for the first couple of months.

I am beginning to suspect that there is a problem with the E4 key, the one immediately above middle c. The problem is most noticeable when E4 is pressed as part of a chord but it also can sound a bit off when played by itself.

But I can't be 100% certain as I am so out of practise.

I have been learning Lieder Ohne Worte Op 30. No. 3 and in bar 14 there are multiple chords with the E4 key as part of the chord and playing the sequence of chords always sounds bad on the KDP 110 whereas the next bar sounds much nicer.

I tried playing the piece on my Yamaha P45 and the Yamaha definitely doesn't sound rough when playing the same chords.

How would I go about confirming whether I have a problem with my new KDP 110 before reporting a problem to where I bought it from and having to send it back, or whether it is I am just so out of practise.

I'm playing just the right hand of the two bars in question here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoVQ2CmMrkuqqGCOFM5TF5n-2VCN

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dear Kevin,
I listened to your audio recording at very high volume level.
I could not hear any strange things (maybe due to the recording quality.)
Except a very low velocity touch and therefore mellow tone character, which is normal for beginner players.
You may want to change the TouchCurve to LIGHT or LIGHT+ to get a more brillant tone.
Please check this setting as well.
Michael Kunz
Senior Product Manager

Kawai Europa GmbH
MAIL: kunz@kawai.de
TEL: 02151-373100

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