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I recently got a problem with my Kawai 2ATX. When I use the digital mode, the sound will periodically disappear from the right ear and I will only hear something in the left ear. The sound quality is then also very bad. After a while, the good sound in both ears comes back. The transitions (from good sound to left only, and back again) are smooth and very regular, so I think it is not due to a loose connection in the headphones or similar.

Do you have an idea how this can be fixed?

did you try different headphones?
Michael Kunz
Senior Product Manager

Kawai Europa GmbH
TEL: 02151-373100
(02.02.2021, 10:05 )michaelkunz schrieb: Hello,

did you try different headphones?

Yes, the problem is not the headphones. Do you have an idea what it could be?

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