Kawai K1 rII

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I have a Kawai K1 rII instrument. Unfortunately, it's broken. Makes very strange noises, does not hold tuning. I found a very similar problem on the internet. the Kawai KTG-001 processor is broken. Are these parts still available?
Pozdr. Mirek
Dear Mirek,

sorry, but there are no more spare parts available for the K1 series products after more than 25 years.
Michael Kunz
Senior Product Manager

Kawai Europa GmbH
MAIL: kunz@kawai.de
TEL: 02151-373100
If the tuning changes strangely, it could also be the xtal circuit that generates the main clock signal. I'd try to change that, too.
sorry for not answering for so long. I noticed that kawai only plays well on sounds that don't use PCM waveforms. If using PCM, the sound from the middle of the keyboard is detuned

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