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Repair of a digital piano

Depending on the model and type of defect the service of your instrument will be done either on-site or in a workshop. The following applies for warranty repairs:

Floor models (e.g. CA-, CN- and CS-series) will be serviced on-site if possible. After receiving and checking your data, we will (in a warranty case) order a technician to service your instrument. The further processing will be arranged directly between you and the technician.

Stagepianos (z.B. VPC-, ES- and MP-Models) are actually serviced in a workshop. There are two possibilities to choose from:

 1. You send or transport your instrument to your dealer. He will repair it in his own workshop or will take care for a repair in the KAWAI central workshop.

 2. You transport the stagepiano directly to a workshop of the nearst servicepartner. According to the error cause and prior appointment the service can be done within one day.

To clarify who is "the nearest servicepartner" and to decide the course of action to be taken in your specific case, please send us the following informations:

Contact information

Instrument information

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